22 October 2010

film buff furriday

nitro, you've got to ask yourself one question: "do i feel lucky?"

well, do ya, punk?

21 October 2010

the 'tocks of 'tober

sorry, derby--mom din't get herself in gear in time to post this yesterday for your purrthday, so here's a belated pair-o-tocks we deddycate to you . . .

ed to the left, xing to the right, making a duo of indignant 'tocks:
XING: what? you DARE to sit on My Mama while I am sitting here?
ED: youdarnbetcha! she was MY mom furst!!
XING: well, here's a moon for YOU!
ED: an' here's one for YOU!

(mom notes: somehow, mooning just doesn't have the same impact when the butts are pointin' AT each other . . . )

20 October 2010

weird wednesday

we've told you before about the lady robin who makes her nest efurry year onna ladder by the carport where the vehicles live, an' how much exercise we gets while watchin' her an' the daddy bird flyin' in an' out. well, this last weekend, our daddy was out beside the ladder gettin' ready to go cut some firewood, an' he noticed there was anofur egg inna nest!!! he thought it looked kinda funny, so he stepped closer an' it looked odder still--until he realized it was a black walnut from our tree!!! some silly brushy-tail (we can't say "squirrel" out loud or the dbd has a spazz attack) stashed it there for "later"!! too silly!

19 October 2010

tail on tuesday!!

our very own edmund p. hillary

18 October 2010

mancat ---- all mancat

this is me, nitro, in my mancatliest mancat-cheesecake pose.
whattaya think, girlcats?