21 July 2007

harmony restored

ok, so mom's made up wif cocoa. mom told us that she knew, efen as it happened, that cocoa was just being a dawg, but it hurt her so drefful to see a little life end that her brain just went off-planet for a minute.

she splained that the ofurr labadores that have lived wif us have been chasers who wouldn't know what to do wif a critter if they caught it. one time, thor-of-blessed-memory treed a squirrel onna carport post an' he coulda easily stood up a bit an' grabbed it, but he just wanted to see it up close. so it jumped down on his head an' ran all the way down his back an' jumped from his butt into the bushes. he was so startled that he nefurr even moved! so cocoa's behavior was a real shock. we's seen her chase before, but she's nefurr caught anyfing an' mom nefurr dreamed she would.

well, we asked her: ferbastsake, mom--think about a semitruck meetin' a bicycle. who's gonna win, even if the truck doesn't mean any harm? she hadda agree.

so all's well between them. mom is speakin' to her again, an' played wif her out in the yard for a long while. here she is, wantin' to go back out--but dad's mowing an' she hasta stay in now. she's not at all afurraid of the mower machine, an' she trots along right beside him an' it--he's worried she'd get hit by something flying outta the bottom of it.

19 July 2007

stoopid cocoa!

mom's cryin', an' it's all cocoa's fault. when mom got home for lunch, she let her out to go pee, an' cocoa ran an' grabbed a robin an' kilt it even though mom was yellin' at her to stop before she even got to the birdie. broke its neck. it had just caught a big ol' worm, an' it wasn't even halfway swallowed yet. mom lost her cool and whacked cocoa onna head wif her shoe to make her let go of the birdie. when she picked it up to go bury it, she saw that it had a white coating ofur one eye, so it nefurr even saw the damdog coming. we hopes it wasn't one of the little fev-vers we watched grow up onna carport this year. that would be too sad. we're furry glad we don't go outside an' do bad things, 'cause gettin' whacked onna head wif a shoe would prolly kill us!

mom's still cryin', an' cocoa's got a time out inna bafroom, 'cause mom don't wanna lay eyes on her. she's gonna be there a long, long, long time. mom's goin' back to work an' won't be home until after six. if cocoa's lucky, dad'll get home before that.

damdog, makin' our mom cry. she really suffers when little things get hurt or die, an' seein' it happen has just borked her brain. are your beans this goofy? it's not like it was one of us or anything. guess she just loves all li'l critters, even ones she doesn't know.

18 July 2007

17 July 2007

YAY!!! dad's better

poor ol' dad is no longer green-faced. the pee-problem doctor told him the rock was only 1 anna haff centymeters, too little to worry about needin' a noperation, so that's good. what's bad is that until the rock comes out by itself, he's gonna have these hurtin' spells. so if it hurts again, he has medysin he can take for the hurty. or maybe it's gone already. nobean knows. at least he knows what it is now an' isn't afurraid somethin' permanently gnarly is happenin' to his innards.

one of the beans who comes in to dad's store says he had a rock like that, too. only his was 11 anna haff centymeters big. dad thinks his hurts like pushin' a tater through a straw, but that ofurr poor bean was tryin' to push a nellyfunt!

thanks to all of you who worried and purred wif us!!

an' now, on with the show:we was good brofurs tonight: we helped nelson while he ate supper. we watched his chows so they din't run away while he was getting a drink of water! why does mom holler on us when we do this?? she says we makes him nervous. what's to be nervous about? it's not like it's bean food or anything else good, like hammm. we wouldn't put the bitey on his chows. nefurr. not us.

15 July 2007

green faced dad

yesterday afternoon dad turned kinda green in the face an' whimpered a lot, so after supper mom took him away in the big red truck to the bean ER. they din't come home until after the middle of the night. there was a furry smart CAT at the ER who looked him ovurr furry closely inside an' out, an' then told the ofurr bean vets that he has a rock in his kid me. now he hasta go see anofurr bean vet who specializes in pee problems to get it out. we are furry proud to know that one of our kind was so smart and contributed to his care. we will continue home care, if he lets us. although so far, he has refused alla fishie flakes we has offered him.

since today is sunday an' alla bean vets are out golfin', he's takin' some medysin that makes him smile a lot. we thought that meant we could go cuddle on his lap but he keeps shovin' us off. that's ok; we'll wait until he naps (which he's doin' a lot of, too), an' make ourselves at home!

since there are more bean vets and probly an operation in his future, mom sez she may not be home to turn on the puter much for a couple of days. we just won't know until the pee problem doctor tells him what's happenin'. they told us not to fret, that dad'll be fine, but routines might be upset for a day or two. we hopes this doesn't mean we're gonna get fed late.

we would certainly like to know how he got that rock in there in the first place. so would he; he swears he would nefurr do it again, if he knew!