25 July 2008

feline friday

we got to discussing our purrsonalities the ofur day (all right, we were fighting), an' mom broke it up wif a promise to vestigate why we is like we is. here's some of what she found, wif some charts down towards the end of it. whaddaya fink? we all know the T.A.T. part is true!

24 July 2008

a PSA for efurrybody

we all need as many "awwwwwwww" moments as we can manage. here's a contribution to your smile stockpile. and no comments saying, YUM or NOM need to be posted;-) we'll take that as a given from some of you.

20 July 2008

oh, yay! we is awarded!!

our dear furriends, the st. louis meezers, has giftied us wif this award:we is furry proud to get it, an' will try to live up to it. we's sposed to pass it on to five more kitties, an' this is a portant decision, so we will mull it ofur an' make our awards a little later inna week, 'cause our thinkers is in "sunday" mode;-)