19 June 2013

Our Best Frend

(oh, dear bast, gif us strenth to make it through this post.) 

we haf losted our best frend, the guy who innerdused us to bloggin', taught us all we know about spellin', an who brought the outside werld to our doorstep wif his travels. 

he was the manliest of mancats wif big mussels, an' yet he was gentul an' curteus to all he met. he dazzled efurryone wif his fashun-forward wardrobe, an' rocked efurry look from motorcycle leathers to babushkas an' tutus. we envyed him his beautyful speshul girlcat frend, daisy the curlycat (but in the nicest way). we cride wif him when the yellow school bus din't come to pick him up. our mommer akshully sobbed when she red how mr tasty face met him fur the furst time.

we marveled at his star quality on the stage at the acatemy awards, but figgered he musta lerned it frum his moovey-star frends like samuel l. jackson (don't click this link if you don't wanna hear werds frum the bad-werd list). we felt his hartbrake when rocky the guttercat went to the bridge. we admired his bravery as he did his patrols, an' are furefurr grateful to him fur bringin' the dangers of the vishus deers to the attention of the cat bloggin' werld. we had such fun in his contests, an' we haf kept efurry holiday card, letter, postcard, picture, an' award he efur sent us.

and pink? we can't see the werd or the color wifout thinkin' of our skeezy.

his catly body is gone frum us, it's true, but the spirit of skeezix liffs on in the hart of efurry cat efurrywhere hoo efur read his posts. we only dream of the things he did, but HE went out an' did 'em--an' we are all better cats for his haffin' shared his life wif us. rest ezy, skeezy. we gotcha safe.