09 July 2009

a VERY familiar look!!

our mom found a link to this picture on a website about festivals in her home town, berwyn, illinois.
we was surprized skeezix wasn't at the wheel, because it is so perfectly SKEEZIX! since he lives in catifornia--the home of the american car culture--we figgered he might wanna haf one custom-built an' use this as a guide.

(peeyes: this festival was called "cartopia", an' took place in the shopping plaza where the famous sculpture, "spindle" was located: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spindle_(sculpture) you may haf seen it inna movie "wayne's world", one of mom's all-time favorites!!)

07 July 2009

oh, noes!!!

our good bud on facebook just posted this warning for springfield and environs:

Getzger Cat sez: ***WARNING*** Beware kitties on the southside! Ginger and Gary went for a drive last night and saw dozens of vishus deers invading the city. Some even had antlers. And they looked very hungry. *shudder*

what if they work their way out to the west side, where we live?????

oh, right. they'll prolly get shot; this IS the ozarks, after all, where efurrybean has a gun, an' money's tighter on the west side than the south side where the rich beans live.

(mom's note: yes, it's true. the city council has been mulling over a "herd thinning season" on deer within the city limits!)