22 June 2009

fur all our furriends: video catnip!

errrrr, fishnip.
mom took this moovey last weekend when her an' her furriend miss laura an' miss laura's furriend miss la vata went onna tour of water gardens. there was lotsa ponds wif fishes, but mom said these was the most beautyfullest fishes, an' thought we would enjoy sharin' 'em wif you. we sure would like to haf a pond like this in OUR yard. maybe after daddy builds the screen porch for us onna back of the house, he will put one in there for us!*

*dad's retort: when pigs fly.
kitties' re-retort: (well, pigs has flown ofur skeezie's house an' jeter harris's house lately, so nefur say nefur!)