13 May 2011

ed: update

fank you, all my furriends of all sizes, shapes, kindsa furs, an' numbers of legs! yer purrs an' purrayers an' grrs an' good thoughts made me not afurraid at the vettie, even though mom hadda leave me there half the day (!) by my self!!
i posted a update yesterday, but apparently DPBlogger has et it. i won't bore you wif alla the details, in case DPB decides to urk up yesterday's post at some later time.

at furst, i thought dr. wilson sed that my pan had creeturitis, but it's really "pancreatitis", which means a big thing in my belly got sick an' i felt dizzy an' urkey alla time. but now i has meddysin to take fur a few days an' i feel like eatin' now (mom:  yeah, he couldn't wait for the new food to even get unpacked:)

in  fact, i haff been doin' a pretty good job of it! i has my own special stinky goodness AND crunchies (called ID), an' they taste great--the ofur cats don't get NONE--it's ALL mine own.

now that i don't feel urkey ennymore, i gots lots more energy! i haf already whipped nitro an' iggy really good fur hissin' at me when i came home wif the vettie-smell on me, an' now i'm gonna go lay out onna screen porch since the wevver is cooperatin' fur once.

fanks again fur all yer quick well wishes!!

oh, yeah--one ovver thing:  i learned three new kitty-cusses frum the meezer inna jail cell next ta mine, an' i taught him three diffrent ones. whoo'da guessed that a vettie visit could be a learnin' experience? :-D))