05 September 2008

we has met the dare!

texas's last dare was to do something for aminal cancer. well, we done it. when mom got home this evening, we nipped her toes after the greeting ceremony until she went to the puter an' made a donation to the c.s.u. aminal cancer center. we dedicated it to texas, petey, an' alla ofur blogging aminals who has gone to the bridge acause of this awful killer, including our own uncle eeker of blessed memory. we hopes that someday no bean or critter will hafta suffer this evil disease!

02 September 2008

thank you, laila & minchie!!

our chi-town buddies has giffen us this lovely award! thank you!! our mom & dad are visiting the grandbeans in oak park right now, and they're gonna watch the cubbies WIN tonight!!

they are also furry glad to know that it's going to cool off tonight. thunderboomers are moving in on them, and on us here in missouri. nels already has a good hiding spot scoped out. the dambrowndog is staying wif our bean brofur--we wonders if he's ready for a bed partner;-)

thanks again, laila an' minchie!!