01 March 2011

eeker's pome


Uncle Eeker was a gentleman cat
In a grey velvet tailcoat (but no top hat).
His whiskers were many, majestically lush,
And his snug, tidy boots were snow-white plush.

His silky shirt front had never a wrinkle,
And his big, yellow eyes - oh, how they twinkled!
He sauntered and strolled, never pranced or gamboled,
While cats of less dignity from his path scrambled.

Refined in his manners, pristinely attired,
The most elegant kitty of all ever sired.
From exquisite nose to faintly-ringed tail,
His demeanor proclaimed that he'd always prevail.

From humble beginnings he rose to the station
Of King of the Cats, Premier of the Nation,
The Tsar of All Felines, whose law was his whim
(Or so he believed, and we never dissuaded him)!

© Copyright 2011, Cheryl Pierce. All rights reserved.
Please do not copy without written permission and attribution.

mommer is STILL lazy about helpin' us post, but to be honest, there's not much goin' on here. so we tole her she should post somma the pomes she has writ about the Cats Who Came Befur, an' here's one. none of us here efur met uncle eeker, but we can see what a splendid kitteh he was--she sez he coulda even made igmu behave!