14 May 2008

nelson's meme

nels sez: my good bud, mickey, tagged me for this meme. mick, i'm sorry i forgot to thank you for includin' me in your "tuxedo cat" line-up #2--i guess i forgets i'm really a tuxie acause of my coloring--but all i wear of a tux is "the tail"! ;-) pretty skimpy, an' sorta racy for a geezer kitty!!

1. What was I doing 10 years ago? same as today--sleepin' inna kitchen window, crunchin' my crunchies, an' occasionally swattin' anofur cat--only back then, it was midnight or charlie fluffy-tail who got swatted.

2. Five Things on my to do list today. sleep; eat; nap; beg for temptations; doze.

3.Three snacks I enjoy. temptations, any flavor; cheetos; doritos.

4.Things I would do if I were a billionaire. invite alla homeless kitties (wif a separate yard for alla woofies, an' a airplane-hangar size hutch for the buns) to come live wif us; revive mom after she sees alla kitties arriving; buy several bathtubs an' fill them wif primo nip, an' haf a string toy hanging above them that would shower down more nip, an' invite the whole blogosphere ofur for a par-tay; hire the black furrball for a cruise to fiji, acause i like the name; tell mom & dad to go moon their respective employers an' come on HOME!!.

5. Three of my bad habits. i don't have any; i'm too old.

6.Five places I have lived. outside, wif my furmother an' sib; daddy's warehouse; here in my furrefur home--all here in springfield .

7. Five jobs I have had. dad's helper inna warehouse (mouser); dad's accounting helper (i can run a 10-key!); uncle eeker of blessed memory's 2nd in command; house boss (retired); champeen sleeper.

so many other kitties has done this meme, if you hasn't already, you can consider yourself tagged!!

12 May 2008

Mancat Monday!!

daddy helps nitro keep himself in tip-top mancatly shape by "turnin' his liver ofur" regularly. mom & dad had a bean furriend who swore by it!! seems to've worked so far for nitro! ;-)