01 October 2014

mommer? mommer! quit playin' onna innernets an' pay attenshun to me!

*but ed, all your fans want to know what's going on at Chez Pierce, and if you don't let me type, i can't tell them about you throwing up a cricket leg. where did you get that, anyway?*

hah! you fink i am jus' a crippledly ol' mancat, but i still hafs some git-up-an-go left. i cotted it when it snuck inna cat door from the catio last night!

*you sure you didn't have any help? you know iggy wants to eat anything that moves.*

no, he din't get none. he's been awful sassy to me an' nitro lately, pickin' fights an' pouncin' us, so we teamed up an' played "keep away" from him. worked, too.

*does this mean i have to hunt around for nitro's URK spots, too?*

nahhhh. the dbd gotted 'em befur you gotted up.

*great. i love cleaning up dbd URK spots even more than yours! (yes, sheldon, that's sarCATsm.)* (goes off URK hunting...)


Vanessa Morgan said...

Have a lovely Wednesday, Meowers :)

Anonymous said...

Aaaaw How cute. Hims lookin' so handsum there waitin' so (im) patiently. MOL

Luv ya'

Dezi and Lexi